IBAIA_conThe Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum, organised by IBAIA (Association of Independent Audio-Visual Producers of the Basque Country), will grant an award for the best project presented during the pitching sessión. The main objective is take another step forward in the development process of quality documentary genre projects and in the collaboration to set them in motion.

The prize carries €3.000 for the producer of the winning film.

This award is open for all the proyects selected to participated in the The Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum´s pitching sessions, on the 26 of september 2019.

The Panel of Commissioning Editors, acting as the jury, will choose the winning project, based on the presentation, originality, treatment and dissemination potential.

The name of the winning project will be revealed during the Forum’s closing ceremony, which will take place on the evening.

Distribution and Festival Consultancy Award


The XV edition of the Lau Haizetara Forum, in collaboration with Treeline Distribution, will grant, for the seventh time, a Consultancy Award in distribution and Festivals, which consists of two advisory sessions about the project.

A first consultancy session during the documentary development stage, and a second one once the documentary is finished.

The objective is to offer the best commercial distribution strategy to follow (selection of distribution company or sales agent, television, internet, cinema, etc.) and suggest a guide to which are the most appropriate festivals, depending on the content and style of the documentary.

TREELINE DISTRIBUTION is a Spanish distributor created by Luisa Romeo and Elena Mera, two professionals with a long career in both domestic and international distribution. Luisa Romeo has worked in companies such as Filmanova, Explora Films and Transglobe Films, among others, and Elena Mera has worked in Antena 3 TV, New Atlantis and Plural Entertainment.

The independent sales agent active throughout the world and in all media (TV, Theatrical, Home video, digital platforms, etc.), selects carefully the titles it represents, taking into account the key criteria of internationalisation, the fruit of experience acquired over many years of work in the sector.