Awards San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Co-production Forum 2021

The winners of this year have been:

WELCOME TO NEW KARABASH, by Olga Delane produced by Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion GmbH and Arkana Studio (Germany-Poland) is the project chosen to participate in the next edition of the FIPADOC Biarritz International Festival.



PELÍCULA N.1, by Telmo Ibarburu, produced by Arena Comunicación Audiovisual (Spain), is the project selected to participate in the next edition of DOCSBARCELONA.



LAS CARTAS PERDIDAS, by Amparo Climent, produces by  Mitad y Mitad producciones, Filmakers Monkeys and Taranná Films (Spain), takes the Treeline Award for Distribution Consulting and Festivals which consists of two advisory sessions about the project.



The project DOMINGO DOMINGO, by Laura García Andreu and produced by SUICAfilms (Spain) wins the IBAIA Award, which carries 3.000€ to the producer.


Congratulations to the winners! !