Project Inscription

Who can participate

Any independent producer who has a documentary project in development and who seeks or already has a European co-production, will be able to participate.

It is compulsory to register the project in English and Spanish, filling each required field in the corresponding language. Otherwise, the project will be discarded, automatically.

Registration period closed

  • Producers will be able to present as many projects as they desire for selection.
  • It will be compulsory to present the teaser (maximum 3 minutes) at the time of project registration.
  • The selection of projects will be carried out by a Committee of experts, whose coordination will be the responsibility of IBAIA (Association of Independent Audio-Visual Producers of the Basque Country).
  • The final decision on the selection of the projects and their participation in the pitching will be non-appealable and will be based on, among others, the following criteria: universality and transnational appeal of the project, CV of the producer(s) and their creative teams, guaranteed financing, number and importance of confirmed diffusers and distributors, economic importance of the project, co-production possibilities, etc.
  • The resolution will be communicated to all participants at the end of June.
  • The participation fee for selected projects is 250 euros (+ VAT) or 150 euros (+ VAT) for members of the IBAIA Association. Payment will be made by bank transfer.

Participation in the XVII San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-production Forum implies acceptance of these rules. The Forum reserves the right to decide on those organisational aspects not expressly declared.