“IN SEARCH OF THE OSCAR” Distribution and Festival Consultancy Award

Within the framework of the San Sebastian Film Festival, the 11 Edition of the Co-Production Forum Lau Haizetara, in collaboration with Treeline Distribution, has for the third time awarded the consultancy in distribution and festivals prize to the project “En Busca del Oscar” (In Search of the Oscar).

Produced by Calibrando Producciones S.L. and directed by Octavio Guerra, the documentary tells the story of Óscar Peyrou (69), a film critic and president of the FIPRESCI prizes who lives in Madrid and whose life, currently, is empty. He will try to discover himself, settle scores with his past and his family, and show the hypocrisy of society and the lie embedded in all of its strata.

Its director “stages reality, improvises its compositions, its movements or its shooting times, a subjective choice in which the only key is his personal inspiration. And, without doubt, a masterpiece is achieved when this observer’s inspiration is in unison with the collective inspiration which it observes”.

Consisting of 2 sessions of advice, a first consultancy session in the development phase and a second session once the documentary is finished, the objective of this prize is to offer the best commercial distribution strategy to follow (choice of distributor or sales agent, television, internet, cinema screens, etc.) and to propose a guide to the most appropriate festivals according to the content and style of the documentary.

TREELINE DISTRIBUTION is an independent sales agent active throughout the world and in all media (TV, Theatrical, Home video, digital platforms, etc.). Treeline Distribution carefully selects the titles it represents, taking into account the key criteria of internationalisation, the fruit of the experience acquired over many years of work in the sector.