The 12 projects which will be presented in the forthcoming edition of the Lau Haizetara Forum have been selected

From 22 to 24 September, and with the San Sebastian Film Festival as a background, a dozen European projects will be presented before a panel of Commissioning Editors which is beginning to receive the earliest confirmations. Following the evaluation of the committee, among the presented projects from 12 different countries, these are the names of those chosen to take part in the pitching sessions: (more…)

Renewal of the collaboration agreement with TREELINE DISTRIBUTION

The Documentary Co-Production Forum Lau Haizetara and Treeline Distribution will grant, for the third time, the Distribution and Festival Consultancy Award, consisting of 2 consultancy sessions on the project. A first consultancy session during the documentary development stage, and a second session once the documentary is finished. This initiative aims to offer the best commercial distribution strategy to follow (selection of distribution company or sales agent, television, internet, cinema, etc.) and suggest a guide to which are the most appropriate festivals, depending on the content and style of the documentary.

The Lau Haizetara Forum discloses details of its 11th edition

Lau Haizetara, the documentary co-production forum organised by IBAIA and the Industry Club of the San Sebastian Film festival, in collaboration with numerous Basque entities and institutions committed to the development of the audiovisual industry, has disclosed the first details of its next edition, which will take place in San Sebastian from 22 to 24 September. Catherine Ulmer and Ventura Durall will be the tutors responsible for the pitching preparation workshops that will take place on 22 and 23 September. (more…)