The documentary co-production Forum Lau Haizetara will include an environmental consultancy prize

IBAIA – Asociación de Productores Audiovisuales Independientes del País Vasco/Association of Independent Audiovisual Producers of the Basque Country, as organiser of the Forum, is aware of the necessary ecological transition in which we find ourselves, and that the audiovisual sector is an inherent part of it, so it has decided it is advantageous to collaborate actively in the unavoidable journey our audiovisual companies must make to achieve that transformation.

Bilibin Circular is a circular economy consultancy involved in the transformation process of companies towards sustainability. In the field of the audiovisual sector, it is responsible for the Technical Secretariat of the Project “Basque Green Film”, set in motion by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government.

The “IBAIA – Bilibin Circular” Prize will be awarded to one of the projects presented in the San Sebastián LAU HAIZETARA Forum, which will be held on September 21 within the framework of the San Sebastian Film Festival and will consist of an environmental consultancy, through several online work sessions, with the aim of helping the project to fulfil the necessary requirements established by the different administrations to gain access to the corresponding aid packages.

This prize joins the “IBAIA” Prize for the best pitching at the Forum, the “Treeline Distribution” Prize for Distribution and Festival Consultancy, as well as the collaboration Agreements with Docs Barcelona and FIPADOC Biarritz for the exchange of projects.