The Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum is gearing up for another year – this time with a new image

The Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum organized by IBAIA and the San Sebastian Film Festival Industry Club, has changed it logo. The next edition, held in San Sebastian from September 20th to 22nd will present its new image.

LAU HAIZETARA firmaDesigned by Juanba Berasategi, the change embraces all of the visual aspects of the activity, while recasting the forum’s purpose and identity, now structured into three phases: Pitching Workshops, Pitching Sessions and Individualized Meetings. All three phases are geared to working on projects with professional experts who will provide the tools needed to achieve the greatest possible potential.

In the words of the author, “when making the Lau Haizetara logo, the idea of opening up to the world immediately came to mind. But, how can you draw air? Being from the coast, to us the wind and the sea go together. The wind takes shape when it comes in contact with the sea, it is drawn in the sea. The wind becomes a wave and the wave, a drawing.”

The name and the lettering are the same, but not the colours – it is even simpler than before. Straightforward, uncomplicated strokes, with blue, orange, white and black letters and shapes, which perfectly represent the four elements that give the logo personality (earth, fire, air and water). The combinations and dimensions nicely express the meaning of the name Lau Haizetara.

All of the information regarding the forum will soon be available on our website ( including dates, terms and conditions for entering projects, workshops, tutors, Commissioning Editors…