The Lau Haizetara Forum of San Sebastián maintains its collaboration agreements with FIPADOC of Biarritz and DocsBarcelona

Acuerdo Fipadoc-DocsBarcelonaThe continuation of these alliances will boost the presence of projects in two different complementary and specialised markets for the documentary genre, and thus promote the completion of the development and financing. The different institutions agree to continue collaborating and carrying out joint actions to promote co-productions and strengthen the documentary industry.  

Said collaborations already have their first films: Arzak since 1897, (present in the last edition of DocsBarcelona), directed by Asier Altuna, tells the family history starting out from a very clear idea: the generational transmission from father to daughter, from one of the cornerstones of Basque gastronomy, Juan Mari Arzak; There was and there wasn’t, by Andrea Capranico, which tells the story of a father’s redemption, painting an intimate portrait of a complex and upright man, (present in the last edition of FIPADOC of Biarritz); Mal de Caña (present in DocsBarcelona 2018); Probation (present in FIPADOC Biarritz 2018).

The joining of forces between the organising body, IBAIA (Asociación de Productoras Audiovisuales Independientes del País Vasco [Association of Independent Audiovisual Production Companies of the Basque Country]) and both festivals will allow, for another year, two of the projects to be presented in the pitching session of the Lau Haizetara Forum in San Sebastián, which will be held on 26 September 2019 within the framework of the 67th San Sebastián Festival. One will take part in FIPADOC in Biarritz (January 2020), and the other in DocsBarcelona (May 2020).

These projects will receive, among other things and free of charge, an official pass to attend projections and / or participate in the professional activities organised therein. Also, they will participate in individual meetings with the Commissioning Editors, the main activity of the industry marketplace and the ideal space to introduce the project to financiers and distributors.

For more information, please consult the Lau Haizetara Forum website, or get in touch via the different contact channels.