Collaboration agreements

San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum – FIPADOC Biarritz AGREEMENT

IBAIA (Association of Independent Audio-Visual Producers of the Basque Country) and the FIPADOC Biarritz strengthen their relationship within the framework of the activities carried out in both events to boost the audiovisual industry.

As a result of this agreement, a project that has been present at FIPADOC Biarritz, will be chosen by our Selection Committee and will have the possibility to participate in the San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum. Furthermore, one of the projects participating in the Lau Haizetara Forum will also be present at the next edition of FIPADOC Biarritz (January 2024). 

San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum – DocsBarcelona Documentary Festival AGREEMENT

DocsBarcelona and the San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum mantain their collaboration agreement which will be favourable to the exchange of documentary projects between both events.

The aim of this alliance is to boost the presence of projects in two different complementary and specialised markets for the documentary genre, and to encourage them to complete their development and financing process.

The union of efforts between these organizing entities, allows that each year one of the projects presented at the San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum and one of the projects participating in the speed meetings of DocsBarcelona, are present in both markets. These projects will be selected by the respective Selection Committees.

San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Forum – PIAF AGREEMENT

Within the framework of the San Sebastian Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum, PIAF (Federated Independent Audiovisual Producers) has agreed with IBAIA (Association of Independent Audiovisual Production Companies of the Basque Country), organizer of the event, and with the collaboration of EGEDA (Management Entity of Rights of Audiovisual Producers), that, among the projects presented by companies belonging to any of the member Associations of the PIAF Federation, the Forum’s project selection committee will choose a project that will benefit from the following participation conditions:

  • Free registration fee
  • Free Festival’s professional accreditation for producer and director
  • 3 hotel nights during the days of the Forum (Workshops + pitching) for producer and director

This agreement will allow both associations to offer their companies and associate members a series of advantages that aim to promote the development and financing processes of the different documentary projects that are in progress.